Since I'm on the road much of the time, I'm never without my handy phone-cam which I use to document my travels and whatever captures my eye. On this page you'll find the most recent snaps, as well as some past favorites.
I hope you'll bookmark this page and return to view my frequent updates.




Sunset. (Newport Beach, CA - 2016)


East Hampton Day Ends (Lake, August 2016)


LongHouse Reserve (East Hampton, 2016)


On the red carpet, Beverly Hills Hotel (2016)

Stairway Series (Beverly Hills Hotel, 2016)


Andy and stair shadows

MoMA, Sept., 2015

You Wouldn't See This in NYC (San Francisco, July 2015)


Wild Flowers (San Francisco, July 2015)


San Francisco at Dusk (July 2015)

Approaching Rain (San Francisco, July 2015)


Subway Wall, after Jackson Pollock (2015)



Declining Sculpture, East Hampton, NY (2015)



Restaurant sign, East Hampton, NY (2015)



The Casino, Avalon, Catalina (2015)


The Green Pier, Avalon, Catalina (2015)


Lobster Trap, Avalon, Catalina (2015)


Water in Tones (Palm Springs, 2015)


Reception-Flowers. Mandarin Oriental-Hotel (Hong-Kong, 2015)


Lights on in foggy Hong Kong skyline



Movie Theater Lobby, Liege, Belgium


Ceiling, Haufbrau House (Munich)


Pierre Hotel Series series, #1 (NYC, 2015)


Pierre Hotel Series series, #2 (NYC, 2015)


Pierre Hotel Series series, #3 (NYC, 2015)


Pierre Hotel Series series, #4 (NYC, 2015)


Europe stairway series (Amserdam, 2014)


Europe stairway series (Liege,-Belgium, 2014)


Glasses at Hofbrau House, Munich


Hermes window, Madison Avenue


 Spring 2014, Park Ave, NYC


Dining at Jade Mountain


Fall in Sharon, Connecticut


Jade Mountain Resort


Turndown with Slippers -  Fairmont Mayakoba
Cancun, Mexico



Oberoi Hotel, Bali: Sunset Serenade

April 29, 2016, 5:50 pm in Central Park

Lady Jane in our villa, Oberoi Hotel, Bali

A Wintry Night on the Town at Cafe Carlyle

Polo Club, Boca Raton with Jane and her mother Dotothy



Jade Mountain, St Lucia


Malibu Beach Hotel, Carbon Beach


Radisson-Blu, Capetown

Uggi the Wonder Dog

Venice bar

Winter in Central Park